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Scaling & Root Planing – Springfield, MO

Quality Treatment for Healthy Gums

Do your gums bleed when you brush and floss? Maybe they’re pink, puffy, or tender? You may have gum disease, which will require periodontal therapy. While your teeth tend to get most of the spotlight, your gums are just as vital. One of the most important services that Dr. Scott Olson has to offer is scaling & root planing. This gum disease therapy is tried and true, plus it’s a nonsurgical option to get your smile back to its full health. Read on to learn more about the benefits of scaling & root planing!

What is Scaling & Root Planing?

Scaling & root planing is one of the options we provide when it comes to periodontal therapy. When your gum disease has persisted passed the initial stage of gingivitis, scaling & root planing will help get your smile back on track. First, Dr. Olson will carefully scale your smile to remove plaque and tartar buildup from on and underneath your gums. After, he will reach under your gums to smooth out your tooth roots, making it harder for bacteria and debris to collect under your gums in the future. This will typically take 1 or 2 appointments depending on your specific case. 

The Benefits of Scaling & Root Planing

Dr. Olson offers scaling & root planing as a treatment option for gum disease because of these key benefits:

  • Protection: The planing aspect of your procedure makes it harder for tartar to build up under your gums, decreasing your risk of disease in the future.
  • Convenience: Scaling & root planing allows you to get gum disease treatment without any surgery.
  • Health: This treatment helps your gums reattach to your teeth for a healthier smile. Plus, the deep cleaning will remove unwanted bacteria and plaque.

Candidates for Scaling & Root Planing

If you’re wondering about whether or not scaling & root planing is right for you, the best way to know is to visit our office for a consultation. Dr. Olson will carefully examine your oral health and your gums before developing a personalized treatment plan. Additionally, he looks for signs of gum disease during your routine checkups to ensure that he catches it as early as possible and before it can cause serious damage to your smile. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Olson! He is happy to help in any way.