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Smile Gallery

This patient was born without adult upper canines and premolars. The patient came in with an existing partial, however, the teeth were shorter and off color causing them to stand out from her natural teeth. Dr. Olson replaced the existing partial with a high quality ceramic bridge to better match her natural existing teeth, gums, and smile. She left our office with new found confidence and an amazing smile.

This young boy chipped his front tooth when he fell and hit his face at the swimming pool. Dr. Olson was able to restore the tooth's structure and appearance by repairing it with a tooth-colored composite resin material. The boy was out and smiling again in no time.

This young lady had multiple missing back teeth and chipped front teeth. She came in to see Dr. Olson wanting a better smile. Dr. Olson constructed a partial to replace the back teeth and crowned the broken front teeth to improve her smile and repair the broken and worn down tooth structure. By the time she left our office, she was all smiles.